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Landlords Insurance

Protecting your property and possessions offers you valuable peace of mind. We offer a comprehensive range of policies designed specifically to suit your individual needs.

Protection for your buy to let property and it’s contents.

Landlords insurance for buildings and contents includes as standard:

  • Loss or damage arising from fire, storm, flood, theft, malicious acts or vandalism.
  • Cover for your loss of rent.
  • Providing alternative accommodation for the tenant following damage caused by an insured event.
  • legal liability as owner of the buildings for causing injury to others or for damage to their property

Contents cover is available when the building is with another insurer. An example of this would be a leasehold flat.

Property belonging to, or the responsibility of, the tenant are not covered.

In the event of a claim, you may pay a policy excess.

Landlords Insurance Extra cover options

With Landlords Insurance, you can tailor your policy with the following optional cover: 

  • Buildings accidental damage and malicious damage by tenants. Cover you for accidents like putting a foot through the ceiling whilst in the loft or a nail through a pipe. You can also choose to cover malicious damage by tenants.
  • Contents accidental damage and malicious damage by tenants. So you don’t have to worry about things such as spills on carpets and malicious damage by your tenants.
  • Legal expenses, rent guarantee and eviction of squatters cover. This insures you for irrecoverable costs involving breach of tenancy agreement. This can include unpaid rent of more than one month and up to 12 months. 

We can offer protection through many different insurers. 

As with any insurance policy, conditions and exclusions may apply.